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Aaa well I’m so glad that I’ve been nominated by Herding Cats for the blogger recognition award. Thank you so much lovely! This is my first blogger recognition award and I’m so happy to take part in it.

Well I’m kinda new to this whole blogging thingy and it’s been around 5 months that I am blogging now. I’m a devourer of books and music. The idea of starting a blog knocked me when after High School, during my vacations, in the abundance of time, I engaged myself into writing and reading more books and then gradually I developed this intense urge to start a blog so that I can share my thoughts, opinions and ideas with the people around. I’m a huge fan of writing and I feel words act as the best mode of connection between the writer’s mind and the reader’s heart. And hence I began my journey of blogging. I blog about books and occasionally post some of my creative writings on my site as well! I’m enjoying the journey so far (though time management has been a major issue for me lately and I’m trying hard to cope up with it as I remain immensely busy with my University studies) and it’s never ending!

Being a beginner myself I would suggest one very basic thing to all the other tyros out there: I feel being socially active is a major thing of importance. It’s entirely necessary and recommended that you interact and converse with other bloggers and always support each other. This will not only help you gain recognition but also you’ll get to know and learn about so many new and fantastic ideas everyday! The blogging community is huge and the people here are so lovely and supportive of one another! All you need to do is share love and show some support!♥️

Happy blogging 💕

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A Review on the Novel ”Sharp Objects” by Gillian Flynn

NAME: Sharp Objects

AUTHOR: Gillian Flynn

GENRE: Fiction, Mystery, Psychological Thriller

PUBLISHER: Shaye Areheart Books

COUNTRY: United States

PUBLICATION DATE: 26 September, 2006

PAGES: 328

My Rating: 9/10

FAVOURITE QUOTES: ” They always call depression the blues, but I would have been happy to waken to a periwinkle outlook. Depression to me is urine yellow, washed out, exhausted miles of weak piss.”

” I’m here, I said, and I felt shockingly comforting, those words. When I’m panicked I say them aloud to myself. I’m here.”

” Sometimes I think I won’t ever feel safe until I can count my last days on one hand.”

” Sometimes if you let people do things to you, you’re really doing it to them.”

NOTE: This is a spoiler free review. The views are strictly original and authentic.



Sharp Objects, a 2006 debut novel by an American author-Gillian Flynn, is one of the most sombre, gory and thrilling narratives that I’ve read in a while. The story is well sustained with eerie and jittery scenarios which will make you dwell deep within the pages of the book. Sharp Objects has been adapted into a television limited series created by Marti Naxon and directed by Jean Marc Vallee. It stars Amy Adams and Eliza Scanlen as Camille Preaker and Amma Crellin, respectively. The story is basically about a Chicago based journalist, Camille Preaker (the narrator) who has been sent to her hometown Wind-gap, Missouri to report on the sudden disappearance of a 10 year old girl, Natalie Keene, and the recondite murder of another little girl, Ann Nash, about an year ago.

Sharp Objects- American thriller series- starring Eliza Scanlen, Amy Adams and Patricia Clarkson as Amma Crellin, Camille Preaker and Adora Crellin, respectively.

Plot summary and a brief analysis of the main characters involved

While Camille visits Wind-Gap,one of the crummiest towns prone to miseries, after eight long years, she is persistently haunted by the memories of her dead sister Marian, whom she seemed to love so much. In the book it’s stated that Camille Preaker is not much intimate to her family. Since when she was a child, Camille’s mother, Adora Crellin, didn’t feed her with the required compassion and warmth that a little girl evidently deserves. Adora had always been way too obsessed with Marian, who frequently remained ill and was constantly plied with medicine and pills by her mam. In the novel, Adora tells Camille that how wilful and noxious she was as a young girl and that this was the very reason why Adora couldn’t love her the way a mother is supposed to love her child. According to Adora, Camille’s repulsive and reluctant nature had never earned her the desired endearment. However Camille’s sister, Marian, loved her impeccably. Despite being ill most of the time, Marian spent an ebullient and a jocose moment with her sister, Camille. Marian had been the only one in the family with whom Camille shared a warm and a harmonious relationship. Marian’s illness which led to her untoward death had affected Camille in an extremely detrimental way. The summer when Marian died marked the beginning of Camille’s self harming session. She had been a wild cutter. She would exploit every “sharp objects” wildly and carve perceptible nonsensical words on her skin. By the time she found herself in the hospital being treated with dozens of anti-depressants and psychotherapies, her entire frame was covered with wounded and lacerated epidermis. It took her years when she gradually tried to pull away from her habit of self harming and slicing.

Camille and Adora Crellin in Sharp Objects

While visiting her home-town after eight long years, Camille for the first time encounters with her 13 year old half-sister Amma Crellin. Now Amma is the most interesting character in the novel who has grabbed my attention from the very beginning. Amma is a queer character, really. When in close proximity with her family, especially her mom, Adora, Amma behaves like a literal 13 year old child who continuously needs to be pampered and fed with all the love, care and affection that one can afford. She is way too clingy and evidently an attention seeker. However when Amma’s with her friends, she’s a drug addict, an unconventional hooker and a badass honcho of the girl gang. She’s too wild for a 13 year old. There are several instances in the novel which show how eccentric and quirky this girl is. Nevertheless, she soon finds herself a warm place in Camille’s heart since Camille finds Amma familiar to her yearning long lost sister Marian.

Amma Crellin- a dotty character


Amma and Camille together

Besides, reacquainting herself with her family especially Adora and Amma, Camille encounters and meets with several people hailing from Wind Gap and participates in the investigation and probe into the disappearance and murder of the two little girls and eventually it’s found that there’s a similarity in the way/pattern the brutal murders take place. While the police and the detective, Richard Willis, a profiler from Kansas city suspect the killer to be someone from outside the town, Camille believes that the killer is local and evidently someone who knows everything about Wind Gap.

Scenes from the TV Series

The darkness in the novel is the foremost thing that will astound and stun the readers. Besides the horrendous ways in which the little girls are killed, the vivid descriptions of self-harm, substance abuse and animal abuse will equally add to the tenebrosity and the savagery of the story. Such portions of the novel can only be sensed and discerened if read with an inquisitive and an avid mind. Not all readers will be able to digest the darkness and gore in the way the story is presented.  The readers feel the shock when Flynn quite startlingly deviates and twists the plot at the end which leaves us in a permanent state of flabbergastation. The plot twist is one of the most horrifying and abrupt things that I’ve come across in the novel.

Is the killer really an outsider or is it someone from within the town? What if the killer is someone from Camille’s family itself? Well that is for you guys to judge and discern!

Gillian Flynn is an extremely talented American author and this being her debut novel has gained immense popularity. She is mainly known for her book ” Gone Girl” which has earned immense international and global success. The movie, also titled as “Gone Girl”, starring Ben Affleck (which makes it even more interesting) has recieved numerous awards and nominations. Check it out here. It’s a must watch!

Gillian Flynn- a young talent.

I am surely looking forward to reading more of her enthralling works. If you are a thriller fanatic and especially someone who relishes gore and suspense, then you wouldn’t want to miss this book. Brace yourselves and tighten your nerves before you plunge into it and start an icy and a thrilling journey, exploring Camille and her distressing family, an adventure which will leave you completely peturbed!

Thank you all for cooperating and keeping the patience all the way long ❤

If you have already enjoyed reading this book then don’t forget to share your thoughts with me. If you are yet to read the book then HURRY!

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Book Review|The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

NAME: The Da Vinci Code

AUTHOR: Dan Brown

GENRE: Mystery, Conspiracy Fiction, Thriller

PUBLISHER: Doubleday; Transworld & Bantman Books; Corgi

COUNTRY: United States


PAGES: 589

SERIES: Robert Langdon (2)

MY RATING: 4.8/5

FAVOURITE QUOTES: ” Forgiveness is God’s greatest gift.”

“Da Vinci was in tune with the balance between male and female. He believed that a human soul could not be enlightened unless it had both male and female elements.”

” When a question has no correct answer, there is only one honest response. The gray area between yes and no. Silence.”

“Authors, he thought. Even the sane ones are nuts.”

” The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.”

The Da Vinci Code first edition cover


NOTE: This is a spoiler free review. The views are strictly original and authentic.

Yet again back to the usual charmer, Dan Brown coupled with Robert Langdon, an amalgamation that people love to experience shall indeed knead your brain into an arsenal of serpentine and emotive thoughts. The Da Vinci Code is the second book in the Robert Langdon Series. However you can read the book as a stand-alone since the 1st book of the series is not much related to the second one and so it wouldn’t hamper your course of reading.

This fantastic novel is all about some staggering yet stupendous facts about The Religious History of Christianity; an European Secret Brotherhood and some of the famed personalities like Leonardo Da Vinci, Sir Isaac Newton, Sandro Boticelli, Victor Hugo etc..

The story begins with the murder of Jacques Sauniere, an art virtuoso and the renowned curator of the Louvre Museum, Paris. His naked body is found on the floor aligned in a shape of the famous artwork ” The Vitruvian Man” and with a pentacle drawn on his chest with his own blood. Before breathing his last wind, Jacques Sauniere managed to leave a line of secret messages and cryptograms, one of which is found written on the floor of the museum beside his deceased body.  Robert Langdon, the professor of religious iconology and symbology of the Harvard University, is summoned by the French Police, Bezu Fache, for further investigation into the matter. Langdon is luckily accompanied by a French cryptologist Sophie Neveu, the estranged granddaughter of Jacques Sauniere.

The enigmatic Louvre Museum in Paris
The Vitruvian Man by Leonado Da Vinci

On the other side, Opus Dei president-general, Bishop Aringarosa and his foster-son, Silas ( the one who actually murdered Jacques Sauniere and three other curtors of the museum under the assent of an incognito man named as “teacher”), plan to steal the keystone- an engraved tablet that reveals the final resting place of the brotherhood’s (Priory of Sion) greatest secret. A monumental secret which can judder the entire Christiany and make the duo exceedingly powerful and rich.

While the French Police suspect Robert for the murder of Jacques Sauniere and three other curators of the museum, Sophie and Langdon vamoose from the eyes of Fache . They set out on an arcane journey under the guidance of the confounding codes that Jacques Sauniere had left behind for them to decipher. Unless they disentangle the wildering clues, an imperative and a remarkable history will be lost forever. While they engage themselves in the herculean task of decoding these mystifying codes, it comes into light that all those conundrums left behind by Jacques Sauniere lead to the famous works of the Maestro, Leonardo da Vinci. . Oeuvres like the great “Mona Lisa“, “Madonna of the Rocks/ Virgin of the Rocks” and “The Last Supper act as a spearhead which guide them to the final clue- a secret of an elephantine importance and an implausible information- an aghast secret which is astonishingly connected to an European secret society founded in 1099- “The Priory of Sion”.

The Delphic art piece ” The Last Supper” by Leonardo Da Vinci
The Priory of Sion official symbol

The novel is full of mind-boggling informations and unanticipated surprises. The facts are so much intriguing that you won’t be able to get your mind off the pages of the book.  While reading you wont be able to resist your mind from thinking, ” bleh! What on earth is going on?! I am a novice and There’s so much to learn and acknowledge!”

A little piece of knowledge which will stimulate and tickle your agog nerves: Jesus Christ, a descendent of the lines of King Solomon and King David, was a married man, he had a delightful love story and his beloved wife carried the royal bloodline of Christ. Also if you have heard of the “Holy Grail” as a chalice or a cup which Joseph of Arimathea used to catch Christ’s blood at the Crucifixion, then its just an allegory to protect the true nature of the Holy Grail. The true nature- a divine secret- a far-fetched history is a theory which is for you to devour and discern.

The mystical Holy Grail

I desperately want you people to read this novel and this is the very reason why with quite certainty I have resisted myself from writing down a review with spoilers! This is one such novel which surely has the ability to leave you completely befuddled for a long while after you finish reading! And gosh I’m so glad to get my hands on it! I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did ^_^

Dan Brown’s overwhelmingly impressive works deserve a big round of applause. His skills lie in the way he intermingles fiction with the realistic and actually existing events from parts of the ancient history and wonderfully metamorphoses them into an overall mind-boggling, thrilling and a palpitating story. His novels are an arsenal of knowledge and the more I read such works by these virtuosos, the more that I fall in love with Books and life.

The mastermind, the impeccable Dan Brown

The novel was adapted into a movie in 2006 with the same title, directed by Ron Howard with Tom Hanks, Audrey Tutou and Ian McKellen in the lead roles. The movie has recieved numerous awards and nominations. Check it out here. A must watch!

The Da Vinci Code with Tom Hanks, Audrey Tutou and Ian McKellen in the lead roles

Thank you all for cooperating and keeping the patience all the way long ❤

If you have already enjoyed reading the book then don’t forget to drop down your thoughts in the comment section below. If you are yet to read the book then HURRY!

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Book Review|Room by Emma Donoghue

NAME: Room

AUTHOR: Emma Donoghue

GENRE: Literary-fiction, Psychological-thriller

PUBLISHER: Pan Macmillan (Canada); Little, Brown (US)

COUNTRY: Canada, Ireland

PUBLICATION DATE: 6 August, 2010

PAGES: 336

MY RATING: 8.5/10

FAVORITE QUOTES: There aren’t much quotes in the book to specify, still these are some of them which grappled my attention:

  •  “Well, by the time you’re one hundred, I’ll be one hundred and twenty-one, and I think my body will be pretty worn out.” She’s grinning. “I’ll be in Heaven getting your room ready”.                              “Our room.”                                         “Ok our Room”
  • “Everybody’s damaged  by something.”
  • “The world is always changing brightness and hotness and soundness, I never know how it’s going to be the next time.”
  • “Vitamins are medicines for not getting sick and going back to heaven yet.”
  • “Stories are a different kind of true.”


NOTE: Contains spoilers. The views are strictly original and authentic.

Room, a best-seller by an Irish-Canadian author Emma Donoghue, is a heart-rending and a soul-stirring story narrated by a five year old boy, Jack. The story is viewed from the perspective of a five year old child for whom Room is the only world he knows and is aware of. In the room, his mother is the only person he is intimate with. Jack affectionately calls her “Ma” and is so fond of her. We, the readers encounter and experience whatever the the boy in the novel places in front of us. Not only that, this story also delineates the vehement and exquisite relationship that a mother and a son share.

This book deals with the psychological and subliminal aspects of a child who along with his mother were held captive and incarcerated in a cramped room which is nothing but a garden shed with heavy metal doors, attached to a house. The exit door of the room incorporates a tight and a fixed security code system to ensure that no one from the inside of the room can go out and no one except the homeowner has an ingress to the interior of the room.

An Overview

The novel begins with Jack celebrating his 5th birthday

For Jack the Room is his sweet home, as he has grown up within it’s fringes and he derives extreme pleasure and felicity being here. The room is more like a mother’s womb for Jack as the place gives him an arrant sense of comfort and care. In proximity to his Ma, Jack spends a gusto time in his sweet home, playing and gossiping with his lady love, his Ma. However for Ma, Room is as worse as a jailhouse. The claustrophobia and the restriction agonizes and troubles her. At the age of nineteen Maa was kidnapped and then confined by a man named “Old Nick” who consistently kept on sexually abusing and ravishing her. Little Jack is a result of one such sexual abuse. The room is both hellish and heavenly at times.

Jack is unaware of and fairly reluctant to believe anything that exists outside the room. The image of life existing outside his room displeases the kid. This is why in the novel, Emma Donoghue shows how Jack compares every bit of an unrealistic thing to the cartoon characters in  TV. Jack speaks vaguely of the kidnapper Old nick, because the only time Nick is at home, i.e. in the night, Ma hides Jack inside the wardrobe. The only thing that Jack tells us is that Old Nick brings in Sunday treats and the prerequisites.

What Jack tell us about Old Nick in the novel

As the plot continues and as Jack is growing up, Ma gradually yearns or rather determines to set Jack and herself free from the traumatising boundaries of the room. She needs Jack to experience and encounter the world, unshackle and untrammel his mind so that he can enlighten and ignite it. Ma believes that she and her boy needs to be independent, sense liberty and enjoy their lives being around their family, cousins and friends.

Ma takes several attempts to dupe Old Nick and flee the room. She trains Jack for the same, as it would be Jack who would initiate the great mission of escape. Jack at first is utterly resistant to accept the plan as he doesn’t want to be taken out of the perimeter, which is quite natural for a five year old who has been brought up in the place and is quite accustomed and familiar with the walls and corners of the room.

The effort to abscond fails several times, but when finally Jack is able to trick Nick into believing that he is dead and needs to be taken out of the room and prepare for the sepulchre, the kid plays yet wonderfully! Quite amazing and incredible for a five year old to act dead and hoodwink a big man into believing the same, ain’t it???  So Jack is finally triumphant at skedaddling from the confinement. He finds the help of a trusted man on the road who calls the police. Quite Evidently Nick is arrested with several charges and is dictated an imprisonment for 25 years and lastly Ma is FREED. *While going through this part in the novel and making up an imagery of the scene inside your head, I am downright sure that you will feel a sense of complacency and contentment.

Later on Ma and Jack are taken to a mental hospital in the city where they are treated. This portion in the novel shows how Jack bit by bit gets to discover, absorb and fathom everything that happens in the world, a world outside his 11*11 room. He learns to interact with new faces, gets to meet his grandparents and cousins, visit malls and museums and enjoy a good deal of  time playing in the hammock at his granny’s house. The plot proceeds towards a beautiful end and the story closes with Jack and his MA visiting the Room for the final time and bidding the Room Goodbye, FOREVER.

images (6)

The novel was inspired by the 2008 Fritzl case. The novel has been adapted into a movie with the same title directed by Lenny Abrahamson, in the year 2015. The novel has gained immense popularity and has been awarded several times, check it out here.

The movie “Room” starring Brie Larson and Jacob Trembley in the lead roles. The movie has recieved several awrads and nominations. Check it out here.


If you study the novel then initially the construction; the design of the sentences and also the grammar will pose a difficulty in reading and they would seem quite disconcerting and incoherent. This is because the story is recounted by a boy who is only five. Furthermore Jack is homebound, he is confined within a space and quite certainly doesn’t have the prerogative or the freedom to move outside his room and have a view of the world or study at a school and make new friends. Like I said earlier, We see what Jack shows us; we know what Jack knows.  This is one thing that I Loved about the novel. Emma Donoghue quite efficiently maintained the originality all throughout and through the idiosyncratic style of her writing, she delineated the innocence and the pristine understanding of a child.

Overall it’s a very beautiful and a heart-warming story. The most sublime part of the story lies in the way the author portrayed the peerless love and astounding connection between a mother and a child. The mother-child relationship is a Paragon of true love and solicitude. It is unequivocal and peerless; fierce and yet so tender.

If you wish to understand love, dedication, perseverance and solicitude, then you need to read this book! I would recommend this book to all the book addicts out there and especially to those peeps who relish stories which domicile intense emotions with a tint of suspense. This novel will certainly take you through an emotional roller coaster ride!

Emma Donoghue

Thank you all for cooperating and keeping your patience all the way long ❤

If you have already enjoyed reading the book then don’t forget to drop down your thoughts in the comment section below. If you are yet to read the book then HURRY!

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A Review on the novel “Angels and Demons” by Dan Brown

NAME: Angels and Demons

AUTHOR: Dan Brown

GENRE: Mystery-Thriller Fiction

PUBLISHER: Pocket Books, Corgi Books

COUNTRY: United States, United Kingdom


PAGES: 616

SERIES: Robert Langdon (1)


FAVORITE QUOTES: ” Terrorism is not an expression of rage. Terrorism is a political weapon. Remove a government’s facade of infallibility and you remove it’s people’s faith.”

“Science and religion are not at odds. Science is simply too young to understand.”

“Science tells me God must exist. My mind tells me I will never understand God. And my heart tells me I am not meant to.”

“Religion is flawed, but only because man is flawed.”

” If it wasn’t painfully difficult you did it wrong.”

First Edition Cover


NOTE: The review is going to be a long one, for the reason that the novel is itself 600 pages long. Since the story is mostly based on factual and tangible events (the story is fictitious, but the foundation on which it lies is absolutely kosher and authentic), I have supported the contents with genuine and unfeigned images of the Churches and the Sculptures situated in the city of Rome and Vatican. Hope the presentation will earn back the ebullience in you if in any way you feel a sense of apathy while proceeding. Also don’t feel disconsolated because of the spoiler that I have laid in front of you. My review is not in any way going to pluck away your fervor or enthusiasm as you’ll still feel the urge to read the novel, now more than ever 🙂 I believe that curiosity is a default quality that we are born with, and so in the compendium of the novel I have only highlight the facts succinctly and hence isn’t it quite obvious that you’ll crave to know more about it, more about the background of the events that are taking place? Oh well! I am sure you will! So Go ahead and enjoy the review 😉

“Faith is universal. Our specific methods for understanding it are arbitrary. Some of us pray to Jesus, some of us go to the Mecca, some of us study sub-atomic particles. In the end we all are just searching for truth, that which is greater than ourselves.”

Angels and Demons, a 2000 bestselling novel by certainly one of the best thriller cognoscentes, Dan Brown, is a fulfilling package of a stupendous thriller and a mind-gripping mystery. The novel quite magnificently imparts information on Symbology, Ancient History, the Catholic Church and the sumptuous Architects and Sculptures of the Vatican City. The quintessence of the novel is served by the three cogent elements of life, Spiritualism; Science and Religion. And when these three pronounced notions/concepts come together all you can expect is a BOOM!

The protagonist of the story, the most charming and charismatic;the Guardian Angel is none other than Mr. Robert Langdon! He is a professor of religious iconology and symbology at Harvard University.


Robert is summoned by Maximilian Kohler, Director general of CERN, who on spotting his fellow physicist and an ordained Catholic priest, Leonardo Vetra’s dead body with a sphinx-like ambigram branded and imprinted on his chest with a single word “Illuminati”, immediately calls Robert who had researched on the secret brotherhood ” The Illuminati“, for his assistance in the matter believing that the man would help him in unraveling the mystery behind the resurrection of the century old and defunct brotherhood ” The Illuminati“.

Illuminati Ambigram

In CERN, Maximilian Kohler introduces Robert to Leonardo Vetra’s adopted daughter, Vittoria Vetra. Vittoria divulges information on the secret project, i.e. the antimatter creation, that she and her father were working on. Antimatter, whose electric charges are opposite to those found in the normal matter, is highly unstable and has the potentiality to react with absolutely anything, even air! The highly unstable nature of the antimatter makes it destructive and if comes in contact with anything will result in an annihilation whose influences are as worse as a damage done by a nuclear weapon. And therefore in the labs they are stored in a unique trap like canisters with electrical charges where the antimatter is stabilized by intersecting magnetic fields. These charged canisters corroborate that the antimatter is not touching anything and is suspended freely, thus preventing it from reacting with any substance.

NOTE: A single gram of antimatter contains the energy of a 20-kiloton nuclear bomb- the size of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

Peril arises when a larger specimen of antimatter which has the capacity of liquidating everything within a half-mile radius goes missing from the haz-mat chamber.  The canister containing the antimatter has a back-up battery of 24 hours, after which the antimatter would fall out of suspension and on coming into contact with the physical matter of the container would explode. The Illuminati is suspected of stealing the antimatter for an expected cataclysmic cause. In the mean time, Kohler receives a phone call from the Vatican Swiss Guard where it comes to light that the antimatter is hidden somewhere in the Vatican City, someplace which is unidentifiable and unreachable, with a camera in front it. Just like a time-bomb the detrimental antimatter relentlessly counts down to oblivion with an impetus of swiping out the whole of the Vatican City.

Concurrently, in the holy city of Vatican, a college of Cardinals congregate in the Sistine Chapel for the Papal Conclave as the Pope has recently died allegedly due to a stroke. The Great Elector, Cardinal Saverio Mortati, who has been given the responsibility to carry out the balloting, descried that four preferiti who were likely to be elected pope were missing from the conclave which is quite anomalous.

Papal Conclave in Sistine Chapel

Robert Langdon and Vittoria Vetra steer for the Vatican and on reaching The office of the  Swiss Guard, they meet the Swiss Guard Commander Captain Ernesto Olivetti and later on the  Papal Chamberlain, Camerlengo Carlo Ventresca.

A little after, a call from the Secret assassin aka the Hassassin most probably a Muslim, the one who kidnapped the cardinals and proclaims to be a messenger of the Illuminati head “Janus”,  pledges to brand and kill the four missing cardinals in four different churches, one every hour starting at eight in the night. He swears to take a revenge on the church, who years ago branded four Illuminatus with a symbol of cross and killed them to purge their sins. Also the hassassin apprises that the antimatter is deliberately hidden somewhere inside the Vatican yearning to devastate and butcher the whole city.

Robert Langdon and Vittoria Vetra, with the assistance of the Vatican Swiss Guards, Commander Olivetti and Camerlengo Carlo Ventresca, set out on an arduous and precarious expedition to extricate the four cardinals, find the Illuminatus and ultimately unearth the antimatter before any momentous damage is made.

Robert Langdon is given the sanction to access the Secret Archives of the Vatican City where he believes to find a clue which would lead them to the Path of Illumination. Robert enlightens Vittoria on the Path of Illumination which was nothing but a map used by the Illuminati members to induce and recruit pristine, ingenious and zealous members to their brotherhood. The aspirants needed to stab subtle clues which were left in the four Churches also known as the Altars of Science, all in and around Rome. The first guideline were the clues hidden in the Sculptures which were built by a secret Illuminati artist: an Illuminati member placed as a spook within the boundaries of Rome. These sculptures, located in the four Altars of Science, were built in such a manner that they look like the rest of the artwork in Rome thus eliminating any kind of surmise or conjecture that these sculptures were designed by the Illuminati . The second guideline to the Path of Illumination was the very specific themes of the sculptures. Each piece needed to be a subtle tribute to one of the Four Elements of science i.e. Earth, Air, Fire and Water. In simple words, the secret Illuminati artist created four pieces of art that looked religious but were actually tributes to the Four Elements of Science.

In the Secret Archive, after a Herculean and a meticulous search, Robert and Vittoria find the famous scientist, Galileo Galilei’s  ( once a revered member of the Illuminati) obscure booklet the “Diagramma“, which embraces the clue to The Path of Illumination. The clue was nothing but a riddle which needed to be construed:

From Santi’s earthly tomb with demon’s hole,

‘Cross Rome the mystic elements unfold.

The path of light is laid, the sacred test,

Let angels guide you on your lofty quest. 

With the help of this clue Langdon and Vittoria set off on the Path of Illumination aiming to rescue the four cardinals and recover the deadly antimatter.

The Path of Illumination ushers the duo to four different churches ( Altars of Science) in the city of Rome. Langdon on his quest, perceives that the artworks which acted as the clues were built by the Italian sculptor and artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini ( the secret Illuminati designer). He gingerly realizes that the Churches depicted Angels and were analogous to the four elements of Science: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. He also comprehends that The murders of the cardinals would take place in a thematic manner, and the branding would be kindred to the four elements of science.

Now The part which will enthrall you is here!


  1. The First Altar of Science evinced by the clue to the Path of Illumination is Santa Maria del Popolo.
Santa Maria del Pop

In the Chigi Chapel, Cardinal Ebner is found dead waist-buried, suffocated by stuffing earth inside his mouth and branded with the EARTH ambigram on his chest.

Earth Ambigram

Inside the Chigi Chapel, the statue of Habakkuk and the Angel acts as a marker. The Angel  in the statue directs the way to the next Altar of Science.

habakkuk and angel
Habakkuk and angel

2. The Second Altar of Science as directed by The angel is St. Peter’s Square, home to the largest Catholic Church in the entire world.

st peters square
St. Peter’s Square

At the base of the obelisk in St. Peter’s square, Cardinal Lamasse is found dead with punctured lungs ( which causes air to escape his lungs hence he is puffed) and branded with the AIR ambigram on his chest. Langdon thought the man to be a drunk vagrant, noticing his inaccuracy only when a girl screeches and points at the cardinal.

Air Ambigram

At the base of the obelisk in St. Peter’s Square lies the Second marker, the West Ponente. The central line of West Ponente’s breath points due east, to the next Altar of Science.

The Obelisk at St. Peter’s Square
west ponente
West Ponente (at the base of the obelisk)

However so far, neither the Hassassin or the antimatter could be detained.

3. Locating The Third Altar of Science is back-breaking and onerous. Through rigorous and laborious research yet again in the Secret Archives, Langdon finally manages to pinpoint the Third Altar of Science, Santa Maria della Vittoria which lies to the extreme east from the central line of West Ponente’s breath.

The interior of Santa Maria della Vittoria, facing the front of the church and the main altar.


After making it to the Santa Maria della Vittoria, Langdon finds the slayer in the act of killing Cardinal Guidera by burning him alive. The Cardinal is found hung in mid-air, arms tied to the cables that usually hold lamps, with the church pews on fire beneath him, slowly and barbarously burning him alive, branded with the FIRE ambigram on his chest.

Fire Ambigram
The cables dangling from the top and the church pews below.

The assassin manages to flee the place nobbling Vittoria and killing the Commander of Swiss Guard, Captain Olivetti.

Inside the church, the Third Marker to the next Altar of Science is guided by the Ecstasy of St. Teresa which is a tribute to the fundamental element, FIRE and which looks more like a pornographic content than a pious piece of art. The angle in the effigy directs the way to the next Altar of Science, however locating the next stop is indeed vexing and fiddly.

Ecstasy of St. Teresa

The quest continues as Robert Langdon, now without Vittoria by his side, keeps on hunting  for the next and the final Altar of Science. In the novel it becomes quite discernible that perhaps sharing reasonably some moments together in a vicious and an enfeebling mission like this, brings Robert and Vittoria closer to one another.

Langdon’s heart twinges as he frets about Vittoria and incessantly wishes that no harm is done to her by the time he rescues her and gets hold of the assassin, the secret messenger of the Illuminati head, Janus, for the very last and the final time. He also feels dashed and devastated as his efforts to save the Cardinals seem nugatory.

Now without the succor of Captain Olivetti, Captain Rocher and Lieutenant Chartrand along with the Swiss Guard, under the supervision of the Papal Chamberlain, Camerlengo Carlo Ventresca, continue their search for the hidden and the noxious antimatter in the Vatican City.

4. Langdon through a sedulous and assiduous study of the Vatican map, finally traces the Fourth Altar of Science, Piazza Navona , a square built on the site of the Stadium of Domitian. 

Piazza Navona: Fountain of Four Rivers

Piazza Navona is where the murder of  the fourth and last preferiti, Cardinal Baggia, takes place, right in the Fountain of Four Rivers. In the novel, Langdon arrives early to the fountain and stupefies the assassin who arrives with Cardinal Baggia in his van. The assassin then kicks the chain-bound cardinal from his van into the water and goes to fight Langdon who fakes drowning after using a bubbles pump to breath inside the fountain. Despite of several trials, he is too late to save the cardinal, and starts feeling desolated. The Cardinal is branded with WATER ambigram on his chest.

Water Ambigram

The ultimate marker, the one which points the way to the Church of Illumination: The Illuminati Lair, the place that Langdon finds implausible to exist; is the  bronzed dove which lies atop the obelisk in The Fountain of Four Rivers. The dove points to the west, to the ineffable Illuminati Lair.

piazza novenna dove
The obelisk and the Bronze Dove


The most incredible and startling place of all- The Church of Illumination- Castle Sant Angelo- the meeting spot of the defunct Illuminati, leaves Robert Langdon dumbfounded! Castle Sant Angelo is the place where the assassin held the four cardinals hostages and blanketed Vittoria Vetra who now lay in a semi-conscious state with her hands tied. Also the fact that Castle Sant Angelo is directly connected  to the Pope’s private library through a concealed passage- III Pasetto, a passage used by the Pope to vamoose the Vatican secretly in case of an exigency.

Castle Sant Angelo
Saint Michael statue at top of Castel Sant`Angelo in Rome
Saint Michael statue at top of Castle Sant Angelo in Rome, Italy

Robert recuperates Vittoria in the castle and together they fight the assassin for the final time now sending the slayer falling several hundred feet to his death. Before croaking, The Hassassin who was hired by the Illuminati babbles that The Eleventh Hour Samaritan, who is supposed to help the Vatican locate the antimatter and free the city from the hands of jeopardy, is none other than the incognito head of the Illuminati himself- Janus! Langdon realizes that Janus is not the savior but the ultimate killer who will kill the last person tonight, the most indispensable one who is a threat to the Illuminati and will  brand him with a sixth unconventional and a covert Illuminati ambigram.


St. Peter’s Basilica

Through the III Pasetto, Langdon and Vittoria reach St. Peter’s Basilica where they find that Maximilian Kohler, the wheelchair bound Director General of CERN is heading towards the Office of the Pope to meet the Camerlengo, Carlo Ventresca. Langdon dismays that Maximilian Kohler, the so- called “Eleventh Hour Samaritan” is none other than Janus himself, the stealthy Illuminatus who has come to sear and murder the Camerlengo, the only one impediment left in his path to enlightenment.

A little after the entry of Max Kohler into the Office of the Pope, The Swiss Guards outside hear the Camerlengo yelping in severe agony and affliction. They break open the door and find the Camerlengo lying on floor squirming in pain with a diamond like brand seared to his chest. The Illuminati Diamond, the last of all, the brilliant of all, a symbol combing all of the Illuminati Ambigrams.


Maximilian Kohler is shot to death by the Swiss guards. Before he gushes out his ultimate breath, he hands over a video tape to Langdon asking him to proffer it to the media.


The clock is plocking, time is unstoppable. With only twenty minutes left before the lethal antimatter explodes, the Swiss Guards vacate the Basilica and the Sistine Chapel full of Cardinals.

The Papal Chamberlain, Camerlengo Carlo Ventresca in extreme soreness with the scorched brand on his chest suddenly avows to have a vision by God, which shows him the location of the deadly antimatter. Without uttering a single word, The Camerlengo followed by Langdon, Vittoria and Lieutenant Chartrand, head towards the Vatican Necropolis which lies below the church of St. Peter’s Basilica. Also termed as the catacombs, the Necropolis is the burial place of St Peter and countless other early Christians. Time travels as Camerlengo Carlo Ventresca eventually succeeds in locating the calamitous antimatter canister which lay silently on top of the St. Peter’s tomb! The sight and the thought of the Camerlengo’s true revelation leaves everyone nonplussed!

Four minutes now, the Camerlengo manages to get into a helicopter and is chaperoned  by Mr. Robert Langdon, in a venture to fly the canister away from the City of Vatican and drop it midway to free the city of decimation. Midway in the air, The Camerlengo encloses the antimatter in a box and manages to parachute safely onto the rooftop terrace of the basilica. A panorama which is ineradicable and makes the people believe in miracles and pray in unison.

Before the Antimatter explodes, Robert too manages to skedaddle with the help of a windshield tarp which lay inside the helicopter. As he hurls into the night he hears the raucous noise of the antimatter detonation high above him.  Falling from the height, Langdon lands unconsciously on the Tiber Island.


Robert wakes up in the Hospital Tiberina where he is handed over the video tape which was given to him by Maximilian Kohler. After sedulously watching the video repeatedly, Langdon streaks back to the Vatican sagaciously.

Reaching Vatican, Langdon unveils the video in front of all the Cardinals; The Great Elector, Cardinal Saverio Mortati and Vittoria Vetra. The video shows the meeting between the Camerlengo and Maximilian Kohler, where it becomes patent that The Camerlengo was the one who had branded himself with the Illuminati Diamond, later on exerting the blame on Maximilian Kohler. Also he is the one who planned the murder of the CERN Scientist Leonardo Vetra and stole the antimatter from the haz-mat chamber. The Camerlengo also discloses that he himself is the feigned Illuminati head, Janus, who for so long has been furtively designing the murders of the preferiti and the diabolical and repugnant ways of vandalizing the Vatican. The news which blowed everyone is that The Camerlengo himself poisoned the Pope, when the later revealed that he had fathered a child.

The college of Cardinals, Robert and Vittoria and Cardinal Mortati accosts Camerlengo Ventresca. The Camerlengo valiantly releases the truth in front of everyone. Shortly before the novel begins, The Camerlengo is sent by the Pope to Leonardo Vetra, to analyze the antimatter designed by the scientist and his daughter. The Camerlengo detested Leonardo’s experiment as he felt that it was something sacrilegious, something which would completely reroute people’s mind from The sanctified Catholic Church and the belief in God towards the malevolent and baleful faith in science.  Hence The Camerlengo decided to kill Leonardo Vetra.

The Pope however doted the creation because he felt that this experiment would settle one of the most bitter conflicts in the history of science and religion: Creationism: The battle over how the universe came to be, as the invention proved Genesis: A universe created from nothing at all, i.e. the proof of the existence of God! Moreover The Pope revealed to the Camerlengo that he owes a debt to science. Science gave him a gift when he was young and a gift which he would never forget. When the Camerlengo revealed that he had fathered a child, it made him wrathful as he perceived that the Pope broke his vow of celibacy. Without paying any heed to further of the Pope’s explanation, he started fore thinking on how to poison the pope and kill him, because he has disgraced the church by breaking his oath.

The Camerlengo stated that he had been disguising himself as the Illuminati head, Janus, and had appointed the hassassin to perform the murders of the preferiti because the Camerlengo felt that the preferiti were old liberals who would walk on the road laid by the late Pope. He felt that the preferiti were not meant to be leaders, they would fail of course. Moreover his soul purpose of creating such a mayhem in the city was to unite the devotees of the church and bring back the world to the path of righteousness. He believes that Religion needs a miracle, people needs to restore their faith in God. In The novel he states ” Nothing unites hearts like the presence of evil. Burn a church and the community rises up, holding hands, singing hymns of defiance as they rebuild. Forge modern demons for modern man. Apathy is dead. Show them the face of evil. Man must be vigilant. Seek the goodness. Become the goodness.”

Attending and withstanding the words of the Camerlengo, Cardinal Mortati finally breaks his silence and divulges that Carlo was the one whom the Pope had fathered. He stated that Carlo was the late Pope’s biological son, conceived with a nun via artificial insemination. The nun was none other than the Camerlengo’s  precious mother, Maria who had raised Carlo all on her own after he was born. The Pope and Maria, both were celibates and none of them had disdained the church in any way.

Overwhelmed and devoured with guilt and despondency, the Camerlengo rushes to the Papal Balcony facing the crowd of Vatican, raises his arms to the heavens and sets himself to a blazing and a luminous pyre of flame. The ashes are recovered by Cardinal Mortati who places them in an urn inside the Pope’s sarcophagus  and says,” No love is greater than that of a father for his son.”

Later on it is revealed that the Cardinals’ endorsing of the Camerlengo, Carlo Ventresca would have made him the Pope through acclamation, if he were alive. IRONY isn’t it?! Cardinal Mortati is elected as the Pope of the Vatican unanimously.

The novel ends with Robert and Vittoria enjoying an exquisite and a passionate  meal before making love in Hotel Bernini.

Map of modern Rome( from the book) provided with markers for your convenience.
Map of the present Vatican City (from the book)


Quite a lengthy one eh? Ikr! The review is solely factual and I am sure it wouldn’t in any way deaden your avidity of reading the novel once and for all! The novel intensely needs to be devoured for the brilliant words used by the author will undeniably make you confront the deadly events that are mentioned in the book. It will make you circumnavigate The whole of Rome and the blessed city of Vatican. It will candidly make you fall in love with Dan Brown and his framed and celebrated character, Robert Langdon. Once you  start reading,  you cannot inevitably get your mind off the pages of the book. You’ll notice the horripilation on your arms. I assure you that!

It’s indeed amazing how the author so nimbly and in a poised manner, fuses a story of fiction with the realistic and actually existing events, how beautifully does he conglomerate parts from the ancient history and the once existing truths with a mind-blogging, thrilling and a fanciful story. Indeed brilliant! After reading this book I have developed this desire of visiting Rome once and following the Path of Illumination, to yet again relive this remarkable piece of work.

Dan Brown’s marvelous concept and idea is inimitable. How wonderful that he knew what exactly would mold the reader’s mind and make them a thriller fiend! The more I read such works by these virtuosos, the more that I fall in love with Books and life.

The mastermind. Dan Brown.

I would recommend this book to all the thriller enthusiasts out there. One heck of a good read and an outstanding mode of sustenance for the thriller fanatics!

The novel was adapted into a movie with the same title, directed by Ron Howard and written by Akiva Goldsman and David Koepp. However certain changes were made in this adaptation which deviates from the actual plot, but overall it’s a must watch. I feel Tom Hanks is exactly the perfect one chosen for the role of Robert Langdon, as there’s a certain kind of affability and discernment on his countenance which makes the character look exquisitely real.

The movie Starring Tom Hanks, Ewan McGregor and Ayelet Zurer

Thank you all for cooperating and keeping the patience all the way long ❤

If you have already enjoyed reading the book then don’t forget to drop down your thoughts in the comment section below. If you are yet to read the book then HURRY!

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A review on the novel “Norwegian Wood” by Haruki Murakami


NAME: Norwegian Wood

AUTHOR: Haruki Murakami

GENRE: Bildungsroman/ Coming of Age novel

TRANSLATOR: Alfred Birnbraum




PAGES: 296 ( US Paperback)  400 (UK Paperback)

MY RATING: 4.8/5

FAVOURITE QUOTES: ” If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.”

” Death exists, not as the opposite but as a part of life”

“What happens when people open their hearts?” ” They get better.”

” Despite your best efforts, people are going to be hurt when it’s time for them to be hurt.”



NOTE:  Since Norwegian Wood is a coming of age novel, the review is going to be a long one. I will have to go through each and every vital part of the novel which includes the character descriptions and the junction between them. These mandatory segments are necessary to understand since the concept of the story may seem incoherent to some readers. No doubt Murakami’s excellent choice of words leave no trace of confusion within the reader’s mind but this being a Bildungsroman one needs to be scrutinised well. However I don’t wish to give you a complete spoiler of this whole thing. No worries I’m not going to reveal those portions of the story which can only be unravelled and experienced if read assiduously and with great devotion. I just to hope to content you with a reasonable compendium of the whole story. Yet again I’ll repeat myself “Engross yourself into the lines of the book and let each and every letter and word of the book bewitch you. Don’t miss out a single phrase while you are reading it.”

I would like to start it by quoting one of my favourite lines from the book:

“But who can say what’s best? That’s why you need to grab whatever chance you have of happiness where you find it, and not worry about other people too much. My experience tells me that we get no more than two or three chances in a life time, and if we let them go, we regret for the rest of our lives.”

Norwegian Wood- a coming of age novel- yet again by one of my dearest wordsmiths- Haruki Murakami, can undoubtedly take you back to your own days of teenage and adulthood. Perching on the time travel machine, you will get to re-experience the flummoxing epoch where each and everything seemed perplexing and discombobulating; a period when you were yearning to unearth the meaning of life and the time when you had intense attraction towards passion, desire and eroticism.

The story set up in the civil and secular disrupted Tokyo of 1969, revolves around sundry characters. Each and every character plays an indispensable role in presenting the nucleus of the story. However, the soul of the novel revolves around three lead characters:

Toru Watanabe– The protagonist of the story, who at the age of 37, while travelling to Germany , hears a version of The Beatles’ “ Norwegian Wood” which makes him retrospect the events of his life that took place eighteen years ago…

While in high school, he involved in a profound and vehement friendship with a boy named Kizuki. A little after that, Kizuki’s unanticipated death (a suicide) left Toru in an utter state of shock, delirium and despondency.  He struggled to come to term with the loss of his best friend. He struggled to lead his life in a less significant way as the death of his best friend kept on haunting and beleaguering him, making him more and more poignant.

Toru described himself as an extremely ordinary being who likes to listen to music and read books. He’s an introvert in nature and felt that Kizuki was someone who succoured him to communicate with the outside world and after his loss he found it extremely onerous to cope up with the pace at which everything around him seemed to progress and revamp. He was introspective in nature, always contemplating and trying hard to understand what propelled him forward in a world where everyone seemed to have goals.

Naoko– Naoko was Kizuki’s girlfriend at the time of his death. Naoko, Toru and Kizuki were all good friends in high school. She was beautiful and feminine with long and straight black hair, a serene and slender physique and deep dark eyes which domiciled intense feelings and sentiments.

After Kizuki’s death Naoko became a victim of melancholia and schizophrenia. Earlier the loss of her dear elder sister and now her love- Kizuki, shattered her and she became morose and low-spirited. Despite of her desire to become happy, she failed everytime as the panoramas of death brought her back to the land of dolour and prodigious “Weltschmerz”. She attempted to leave Tokyo and go to a sanatorium hoping to rediscover her own identity and reliving a new life. She met Reiko- a middle aged woman- in the sanatorium. In spite of spending a life outside the city in a serene and sequestered place, Naoko gradually succumbed to her own darkness as she was unable to purge it and her situation worsened. She faced frequent breakdowns, always brooding and lacking the ability to express herself. Later on, almost at the end of the novel, she committed suicide in the sanatorium leaving behind a void in the world and Toru’s already fragile identity.

Midori– Midori was Toru’s college mate. Her character was irreconcilable to that of Naoko’s. As explained by Toru she had extremely short hair which made her look less feminine but more fascinating. She had a boyfriend who was rather close-minded and did not quite approve her habits and unprejudiced way of living.

She was inquisitive and vivacious. She was full of life, vivacity and enthusiasm. Her face expressed exuberance and cheerfulness. She’s a whirlwind of contradictions. Even though she preferred wearing extremely short length skirts, she never failed to take good and benevolent care of his father on his death bed. She was highly spirited, adventurous, frisky and wild. She had the ability to leave a man in a total state of flabbergastation and astonishment.

images (1)

Murakami linked these three lead characters in a sizeably noteworthy manner.


Toru and Naoko had been childhood friends. After Kizuki’s death both Toru and Naoko were the sufferers of melancholy and desolation. Toru felt that death was a part of life, inescapable. Naoko got herself exceedingly involved in the sorrow of Kizuki and her elder sister’s unanticipated deaths. Thus sharing the same feeling and identity crisis Naoko and Toru came closer to one another. Toru fell in love with Naoko and convinced himself to have a specific and unfeigned responsibility towards her. While most of the time Toru and Naoko spent their life far away from one another, Toru gradually went into a state of extreme hopelessness and desperation since Naoko showed no improvement in her mental condition. He visited Naoko’s sanatorium in Kobayashi and met with Reiko, Naoko’s roommate. There the three of them shared more about their past life.

In the midst of all these, Toru came across Midori, his college mate. Midori, unlike Naoko, was full of vivacity and effervescence. Her frequent interactions with Toru signalled a new path in his life. In Midori’s presence, Toru breathed peacefully and felt comfortable, gleeful and delighted. Unlike Naoko’s gloomy nature Midori’s exuberant character helped Toru decipher a new meaning to his life. Toru found himself more and more inclined towards Midori. Midori too fell in love with Toru. She loved Toru’s discerning, undemanding and contemplative nature. Bewildered Toru thought of ending his relationship with Naoko (although he felt extremely guilty to think so as he believed to have a ceaseless responsibility towards Naoko). He wrote to Reiko about the dilemmas and the conflicted affection he was facing for both Naoko and Midori. He did not want to hurt Naoko neither did he want to lose Midori. He decided to conceal from Naoko about his change of mind since it might affect her already miserable state of mind. Reiko convinced Toru to go on with Midori since it was happiness which carried the maximum significance.  After a while, Toru received the news of Naoko’s suicide. Yet again the old despair and despondency hit him. He wandered around the outskirts of the city baffled and desperately missing Naoko. He found himself totally drowned in the thoughts of Naoko. Thoughts which were hard to fathom and perceive.

After about a month, Reiko decided to visit Toru in Tokyo. During her visit, Reiko had an intimate and devoted conversation with Toru advising him to not miss a chance of happiness. She persuaded him to hold on to the elements which made him happy and never let them go. It was through this fervent and overpowering conversation, Toru learned that Midori was that one person who mattered the most. He realized that Midori was that one girl who definitely had the ability to bring sunshine and colours in Toru’s already disconsolate life. He called up Midori urging her to meet him.

The story ends in an agog manner where Midori asks Toru “Where are you” and Toru keeps on pondering over the question.

The end is designed in such a manner that even the readers try hard to ruminate and find out where exactly was Toru.


Murakami is best known for his monumental skill in fiction, surrealism, magical realism, science fiction, Bildungsroman and picaresque genres. The hit novel, Norwegian Wood, made him popular and the youths of Japan highly espoused his works.

Norwegian wood has been adapted into a film by Tran Anh Hung who’s a Vietnamese born French Film director. The movie was released in Japan on 11 December 2010.


The novel is a must read. I would recommend this book to those who are fiction lovers and obviously who spend hours contemplating and hankering to discover the purpose of life. The novel surely has the propensity to circumnavigate you through the inevitable spheres of life: death and separation. You will grasp the importance of the prerequisite resource i.e. Time. You will travel through disparate stages of life which may seem quite confounding but are in turn ineluctable. I am sure that this novel would surely act as your principal friend all throughout your life. And also The Beatles lovers, here’s a beautiful book for you. Enjoy!


Thank you for cooperating with me and keeping the patience 🙂

If you have already read the book then don’t forget to put down your thoughts and ratings below in the comment section. If you are yet to read it then HURRY!

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A review on the novel “1Q84” by Haruki Murakami


Name– 1Q84
Author– Haruki Murakami

Translator– Jay Rubin, Philip Gabriel

Genre– Alternate history, parallel world, surrealism

Publisher– Shinchosa

Publication Date– May 29, 2009 (Books 1 and 2)
April 16, 2010 (Book 3)

Pages– 928
My rating– 5/5

Favourite quote: ” When you don’t understand it without an explanation, you won’t understand it with an explanation”.


“That’s what the world is after all: an endless battle of contradicting memories.”
1Q84- a surreal romance nearly 1000 pages long has certainly got the ability to translocate your mind into an overall different dimension. 1Q84 depicting the year of 1984 where ‘Q’ is the question mark as the two lead characters desperately crave to find out the meaning of this atypical and eccentric world. You get to visit a world full of bizarre situations and off-beat feelings, a world which experiences two non-identical moons at the same time, a…

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A review on the novel “Carve the Mark” by Veronica Roth

Name: Carve the Mark

Author: Veronica Roth

Genre– Mystery, young adult fiction, action.

Publisher: Katherine Tegen books

Publication date: January 17,2017

Pages: 480

My ratings: 4/5

Favourite quote: “Honour has no place in survival”.


“In a galaxy powered by current, everyone has a gift”.

An enthralling novel about a peculiar galaxy, where the characters live among nine different planets, namely- Essander, Zold, Pitha, Thuve, Othyr, Trella, Kollande, Tepes and Ogra. Each planet has their own unique rules, gifts, government and policies.  In their galaxy, there is an invisible force called the current. The current flows through every living thing in the galaxy.

Thuve is a planet embellished with ice, frost and icicles. It is shared by the two neighbouring groups of people (The Thuveshits and The Shotets) who are hostile and antagonistic towards one another. The Thuveshits live a life full of peace, love and tranquility, whereas, the Shotets are known for their violence, ferocity and savagery.

The title of the novel “Carve the Mark” depicts the ritual of the Shotets, who carve a mark on their skin with a currentblade (a type of knife) everytime they kill someone. This Mark acts as a remembrance and signifies the loss of life.

The story revolves around the three lead characters- Cyra, Akos and Ryzek.

Cyra is the sister of the brutal and barbaric tyrant, Ryzek- the leader of the Shotet people. She possesses an astounding currentgift which can inflict pain to others and also gives her tremendous pang.

Akos is a Thuveshit, the youngest son of an oracle ( An oracle is an exceptional person who can foresee the future, create memories and persue unfathomable destiny). Akos’s deviant current gift can interrupt the current itslef.

Ryzek, the vicious dictator, exploits her sister’s currentgift to torture his enemies. When he learns that Akos and Eijeh (Akos’s brother) are fate favoured, he kidnaps them from Thuve, kills their father, imprisons them and torments them atrociously.

Ryzek gifts Akos to Cyra, as he has the power of interrupting the current and save Cyra from extreme sufferance. Akos and Cyra, who at first were reluctant to trust each other, gradually develops a relationship.

Ryzek trades his memories with Eijeh ( who has a currentgift of seeing parts of the future) and decides to capture Thuve, ensnare and kill the Chancellor so that he can be the ultimate ruler of the planet.

Cyra and Akos, decide to undermine his bloody plan and save Eijeh and other victims from the tyrant’s brutal scourge.

I personally felt that The ending was electrifying and exhilarating. It will make you crave for the sequel of the novel, (The Fates Divide) to arrive, which has recently been released.
The denouement seems abrupt and leaves the reader in a complete state of gusto and temptation.

Veronica Roth is an exceptionally talented American author. She has gifted us with The bestselling novel- The Divergent Trilogy. A youthful lady who loves to write and surprise us with her phenomenally good works.

This story is all about friendship, love in a galaxy filled with unexpected gifts. All the mystery lovers would surely love this novel and develop a fondness with the action which constitutes the central part of the novel. Also a tint of romance in the novel, will bring on the usual bloom on the reader’s countenance 😉

If you have already read the book then don’t forget to drop your thoughts and ratings below in the comment section.If you are yet to read the book then HURRY!

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A review on the novel “The Murder of Roger Ackroyd” by Agatha Christie

Name– The Murder of Roger Ackroyd
Author– Agatha Christie

Genre– Crime Novel, Detective, Thriller

Publisher– William Collins, Sons

Publication Date– June 1926

Pages– 368

My rating– 4.3/5

Indeed makes breathless reading from the very first to the unexpected last!

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (1926), a crime and a Hercule Poirot detective novel by Agatha Christie
is certainly one of the most famous works by the Crime Queen. An unanticipated plot twist is encountered at the end which keeps the reader completely in a state of flabbergastation. It’s observed that the person-who from the very beginning has been accompanying the Belgian detective,Hercule Poirot, as an assistant- is the one who murdered Roger Ackroyd. Yes! He is none other than the relater himself, Dr. Sheppard! la victoire!

As seen in most of the detective novels, the narrator of the story is the most trustworthy character- detective’s right hand man. However, in The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, Agatha Christie challenges readers’ assumptions about narration and the conventions of the mystery novel, and in the final pages of the book it’s revealed that Dr. Sheppard is the murderer. Sheppard is a somewhat queer character: Sheppard is a physician, and appears to be staunch, trustworthy, unimpeachable, and altogether likeable—hence, we assume, Poirot’s apparent friendship with him. In retrospect, however, Christie makes it clear that Dr. Sheppard is a weak, irresolute yet a desperate man who, as a result of his bad investments and desire to save face, blackmails Mrs. Ferrars and is then forced to murder his friend Roger Ackroyd to prevent himself from being exposed. At the end when the moment of confession arrives, Dr. Sheppard completes writing the manuscript/ the report on Poirot’s investigation ( the novel itself), which he decides to address to Poirot possessing an unfeigned belief that the Belgian detective would conceal the truth from Caroline (Sheppard’s sister) as she is unduly fond of him. Sheppard decides to kill himself by taking an overdose of Veronal. The epilogue of the story serves as his suicide note. The ending seems incredible and abrupt.

The novel would surely act as a riveting piece of work for all the thriller enthusiasts!

Comment down your opinions and your ratings as well. If you are yet to read the book then hurry!

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A review on the novel “1Q84” by Haruki Murakami

NAME– 1Q84 (Volumes:1,2&3)

AUTHOR– Haruki Murakami

TRANSLATOR: Jay Rubin, Philip Gabriel

GENRE– Alternate history, parallelism, magical surrealism

PUBLISHER– Shinchosa

PUBLICATION DATE– May 29, 2009 (Books 1 and 2)
April 16, 2010 (Book 3)

PAGES– 1224


Favourite quotes: The book is full of wonderful and overpowering quotes. Listing only a few:

” When you don’t understand it without an explanation, you won’t understand it with an explanation.”

“Life is not like water. Things in life don’t necessarily flow over the shortest possible route.”

“A person learns how to love himself through the simple acts of loving and being loved by someone else.”

“Everyone, deep in their hearts, is waiting for the end of the world to come.”

“Even if you managed to escape from one cage, weren’t you just in another, larger one?”

“Life is so uncertain: you never know what could happen. One way to deal with that is to keep your pajamas washed.”



NOTE: This is a spoiler free review. The views are solely original and authentic.

An overview

“That’s what the world is after all: an endless battle of contradicting memories.”
1Q84- a surreal romance nearly 1000 pages long has certainly got the ability to translocate your mind into an overall different dimension. 1Q84 depicting the year of 1984 where ‘Q’ is the question mark as the two lead characters desperately crave to find out the meaning of this atypical and eccentric world. You get to visit a world full of bizarre situations and off-beat feelings, a world which experiences two non-identical moons at the same time, a world which is bridled and mastered by 4 inch tall creatures called “The little people”.

The story revolves around two lead characters: Aomame, a female gym instructor who avenges victims of domestic violence and Tengo, a burly maths tutor who ghostwrites the novel “Air Chrysalis” about a 17 y/o young girl who reveals the secret of the “little people” in her novel. The two, Tengo and Aomame, somehow happen to enter into this world named 1Q84, quite accidentally. Destiny brings them here as the sole purpose of reuniting the two lost souls which have been separated for as long as 20 years. They don’t realize it, but that was the purpose of entering this strange world. They face all kinds of complications—things that don’t make sense, things that defy explanation. Weird things, gory things, sad things. And sometimes, even beautiful things. They were able to accomplish the goal, at the end, that they came here to accomplish. But danger is closing in fast. Danger never leaves your trail!

My Thoughts

I read books because that’s the only channel which helps me to escape from the tiring and monotonous reality of life and Oh God! How much do I love this book!!! This 1224 pages long journey was a much awaited one and it entirely refreshed and resuscitated my mind. This is the first Murakami novel that I’ve read and it has completely left me befuddled. I can’t get my mind off it and this book has left a clear and an intense imprint of emotions on my heart. There are no such words which can explain the sensational and unsurpassable qualities of this book! I can’t wait to get my hands on the other books by this author!

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Haruki Murakami’s works are best known for its surrealistic, magical realistic and fatalistic behavior.The plot holds a totally outlandish connotation which can only be unraveled if read assiduously. The reader needs to be totally engrossed into the lines of the book and let each and every letter and word of the book bewitch you. Such pedantic reading can only lead you to the end of the story rhythmically and confidently.

An excellent novel which desperately needs to be scrutinized- till the end- by the ones who are ready to make a visit to an entirely queer, mysterious and incongruous place. Hence, with quite certainty, I have resisted myself from writing down a review with spoilers! You just wouldn’t want to miss this book!

Thank you for cooperating and keeping the patience all the way long!♥️

Have you already enjoyed reading the novel? What are your thoughts?? Do let me know!  And if you are yet to read the book then HURRY!!!

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